Last-minute plan: The Taqwacores: Muslim Punk in the USA

You can almost hear it in his work—the unintelligible screams, the crashing drums, the slapped-out bass chords. This isn't just any punk scene, though; amid the sea of greasy hair and furiously bobbing heads stands an adoring fan-girl wearing a hijab, the traditional Muslim head covering. Photographer Kim Badawi has been documenting the Taqwacore genre—and the lifestyle of the second-generation Muslims who swear by it—since 2006. His stunning coffeetable book, The Taqwacores: Muslim Punk in the USA, collects the best of those pics. Says Badawi, "Many have tried to repackage these terms in documentaries and visual essays, but photography gave me [a] fly-on-the-wall presence."

Ogle his work at tonight's reception at powerHouse Arena (the exhibit will remain on view through October 25), and rock out to an 8pm performance by the Kominas, a Boston-based Punjabi-Taqwacore punk band. R.S.V.P. to—Shayna Courtney