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So last week I liveblogged the first episode and then our blog crapped out, so we lost the post, but I failed to mention evil Chuck's use of the term classy-ass, which was just remembered to me thanks to "last week on Gossip Girl." I found it equally annoying this time.

9:02 The voiceovers are annoying.

9:02 Also, I'm a bit distracted by the fact that I'm watching this in a hotel room with my parents, sister and sister's boyfriend. I could go into why, but it's early morning on the show and Serena van der Woodsen (is that her name?) is up and Chuck's dad something something. I can't keep up!

9:03 Jenny the virgin trusts people. No, she Trusts People.

9:04 Physical comedy! Dorky guy just got slammed around in the cab. Today a cab started driving while I was still one foot out. It was scary. But this isn't about me.

9:07 Ha! Chuck the Asshole woke up in a pile of feet! Someone did some Ecstasy last night. [Note: I inferred that. from memories of Palm Desert. Not mine.]

9:08 Chuck is drinking blended green junk to cure his hangover. I think it's frapped cash.

9:10 First commercial

9:13 Serena's mom, Kirsten, is SO condescending!

9:14 Cabs are always at the ready in this show. I don't know this New York.

9:15 A certain crackling frisson between Kirsten and Nate. Oh Josh Schwartz, you ol' scamp. That Mom-and-daughter's-boyfriend dynamic again? Do I need to call you up? I hope not, because I lost your number. Also, you never gave it to me.

9:16 "Bone-dry caps"... Take note of the coffee slang.

9:17 Blair is totally laying into Serena right now! Revenge is best served cold. "Who's hungry?" asks the voiceover. Actually, I just lost my appetite.

9:19 Second commercial

9:24 Oh come on, Jenny! Turn away from the bitch! Just put her down and walk away! (But she can't because Blair is just too powerful!)

9:25 More talk of caps. I bet they're frothy.

9:26 Exposition/backstory between Kirsten and Rufus. Kirsten is a total former band groupie!

9:27 Chuck the asshole looks like he walked out of A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.

9:28 Jenny is doing her best Alyson Hannigan.

9:32 At the brunch. Now Chuck looks like an old-timey snake oil salesman. And Blair looks like she stepped out of Tom Petty's "Last Dance with Mary Jane" video. You know, but in a good way.

9:33 Third commercial. Or maybe fourth.

9:37 Chuck's dad, Caleb, has just called Chuck out for his black eyes. And his alcoholism. Bet you didn't know that the guy who plays Chuck is British. He is!

9:38 NateBrows wants Serena to meet him in a suite!

9:39 NateBrows's dad just made reference to a conversation that was cut out of the pilot! Where he told Nate to keep the relationship with Blair going for business reasons. It was in the press screener but then cut out of the first episode, I think. Unless I'm remembering it wrong.

9:41 Commercial.

9:41 My dad would like to know if this is based on Cruel Intentions. "That's exactly what they're basing it on" says my mom. "Um, no, it's based on the Gossip Girl books," says my sister. "But it's spoiled Upper East Siders," my dad counters. YOU'RE ALL RIGHT!

9:47 Kirsten is giving a piece of her mind to Dan. Blair is wearing a doily. But a fashionable one.

9:49 I think it's about to break into the "Everybody Hurts" video.

9:50 Oooh, "fustercluck." I have to hand it to them. That's pretty good.

9:51 Commercial

9:54 My family won't stop chattering!

9:55 Nice necklace, Rufus.

9:55 Jenny is SOOOO busted for tattling on Dan about his Cabbage Patch Kid Cedric. She's too trusting once more.

9:56 NateBrows and Blair in bed. But quietly suffering, not getting it on.

9:57 From the eyes up Dan reminds my mom of someone. She knows who it is. From Grey's Anatomy! Karev. Do I see it? Yes, actually. Good call.

9:57 "It's your move, Serena, and you know who'll be watching, Gossip Girl."

9:58 Serena just tossed her cell phone in a public trash can. I hope she gets fined.

9:59 Scenes from next week. Girl-on-girl soccer uniform fight. Chuck being Chuck. Looks pretty good.

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