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"Wah! I want to find some work. I can speak Mandarin!"

Caroline Cooper
More than ten years of professional experience

What she's looking for: "I've lived outside the U.S.—in China and Indonesia—for the past seven years and moved to New York fairly recently. In Asia I worked as a journalist and later as a speechwriter for the U.N. Hard, pavement-pounding, finger-wagging work! Now just leaving my neighborhood feels like a big deal. I live in Chinatown, and my dream job is to just walk around and talk to people, ask after their dogs and health, do everything in Chinese. If anyone needs me to chew the fat for them in Mandarin (I'm fluent) or in Bahasa Indonesia (this one's a little more touch and go), I'm game."

Got work? E-mail her at ccooper@post.harvard.edu.

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