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Not to be outdone by the gallery world and its flurry of openings in early September, several NYC museums have grabbed the spotlight by announcing some big changes. Here's a quick roundup to keep you in the know:

September 3: Assuming arguably the most important curatorial post in museum circles, Ann Temkin has succeeded John Elderfield as the chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art. Top on Ms. Temkin's list of priorities is boosting the museum's contemporary holdings, which many have groused have been waning of late. Watch for her show of Gabriel Orozco's work to open in December of next year.

September 8: As it continues what we all know will be a massive takeover of the Lower East Side, the New Museum has acquired an adjacent building to complement its recently opened location on the Bowery. We know this new site cost a mere $16 mil (pocket change!), but what we really would like to ask is, will the addition be covered in that trippy steel mesh that makes the current cake-box building look like it's getting beamed up? We hope the answer is, "Hell, Yes!"

September 9: The task of filling the shoes of Philippe de Montebello, who served as the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for 31 years, was no small feat; the Met announced today that Thomas Campbell, who has been with the museum for nearly 14 years, will step up to the plate. You may want to brush up on your 18th-century-textile banter should you ever find yourself seated near the man at lunch; Mr. Campbell, who hails from the U.K., is responsible for creating the Franses Tapestry Archive in London, which, boasting more than 120,000 images, is the largest resource on European tapestries in the world.

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