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Hate being cooped up in a museum on a gorgeous summer day? Then it's your time of year. Saturday, June 30, from 3 to 9pm, P.S.1 kicks off its annual ten-Saturday dance party, Warm Up. Under the kaleidoscopic brilliance of "Liquid Sky," the Mylar canopy by Ball-Nogues (winners of this year's MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects Program), the P.S.1 courtyard will see a rotating schedule of both live music and DJ sets. Curated by David Weinstein, Jason Drummond and Zach Layton, the party runs through September 1, so you'll have plenty of chances to dance away a Saturday to innovative music in the presence of P.S.1-worthy art.

You (well, Time Out readers in general) voted Warm Up the best club in the city in 2005 (rest assured: unlike Christo's The Gates, it didn't also appear on a worst list), and at $10 (which includes admission to the museum), it's also priced better than most.

Plus, if a six-hour party isn't enough P.S.1 for your liking, admission is free from noon to 2pm on Warm Up Saturdays. Or, if you've already lined up your party schedule, you can stream the music free from for your own portable Warm Up.

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