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If you think you can just debase yourself with this constant stream of questions about when you can see me on TV and what I look like and how I got to be so awesome and do you have a shot with me and what is my problem and am I for real and why am I allowed to continue posting like this and seriously, what is my deal and no, I mean, it, I'm not joking, is she on something and stop it right now and look me in the eye, she's freaking me out a little because she seems sort of, I don't know, "off"... Well, you have another thing coming. I mean, you don't, but it's not going to get you anywhere with me. Have you no shame? The attention is flattering, yes, but you gotta know when to say when. When, you say? 6:45am tomorrow on Newschannel 4, tristate only, please, unless you have Dish or satellite or some other fancy thing. I'll be talking about what you should do this weekend. And about myself. As per the usual. If you happen to sleep right through that early bad boy, though, and if you do I so don't want to even hear it, how's about you check out channel 1112, Time Warner customers, and view heaploads of Time Out On Demand segments. Or watch them online by clicking on the sentence before this one! They're neato and informative and all my friends are in them except for that one guy. Ick.

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