Ophidiophobia=fear of snakes



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snakesSo this week we reported, as part of our Black Party coverage, that "every other leather daddy seems to have an intense fear of snakes." That was according to party director Vance Garrett, in a discussion about how the reptiles will or will not play into tomorrow's Black Party theme, Eden. Well it turns out that he was not exaggerating for dramatic effect."I've received SO many 'I'm afraid of snakes' e-mails," Garrett informed us in an e-mail, "that if anyone wants access to a secret VIP party-within-a-party at Roseland where there will be NO cold-blooded creatures, they're welcome to e-mail me directly at vance@vancegarrett.com, and I can tell them where to go." No such luck for those with genophobia or achluophobia.

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