Pacing stripes



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Back in 1975, conceptual artist Daniel Buren carried his signature striped canvases out of the gallery and onto NYC streets for his public art performance Seven Ballets in Manhattan (pictured above). Reactions to the piece varied neighborhood to neighborhood: Soho residents nodded in support as the placard-toting bohemians paraded by, while Wall Street power brokers eyed them suspiciously, wondering if they were some kind of cryptic protesters planning takeover.

Beginning this Sunday, British-born Jonathan Monk will march five performers (all of them dressed in dance rehearsal costumes) around the city, following the routes that Buren's performers walked 32 years before. Part parody, part homage, Monk's version of the piece—retitled Five Ballerinas in Manhattan—will likely draw some new (possibly improved?) scowls, hoots and hollers from passers-by. The group takes on Chinatown on Sunday 28, heading to the East Village on Monday and Greenwich Village on Tuesday. Catch them as they round your corner: For a list of locations and times and a map of their scheduled whereabouts, visit Creative Time's website.

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