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Show some respect for our dearly departed Queens baseball diamond by wearing a limited-edition RIP Shea Stadium T-shirt. Sure, traces of the stadium remain (and the new Citi Field sits just a stone's throw away), but the floors of Shea will never again be sticky with spilled Bud Light and hot dog slime. With this in mind, artist and New York native Michael Shea (yep, that's his real last name) created the perfect funerary emblem for the stadium by fusing the Grateful Dead skull with the Mets logo.

The shirt—worn by Cool Kids rapper Chuck Inglish—is not Shea's first get-rich-quick scheme. When he was younger he heard about Jeff Koons financing his art career by working as a stockbroker and thought that it made a good deal of sense. Ever since then he has come up with art projects that happen to be very lucrative. When he created souvenir T-shirts for The Gates installation in Central Park, he made enough money in one day to pay two months' rent.

But this get-rich-quick venture hits a little closer to home, because Shea will truly miss the soon-to-be-demolished ballpark (and not just because he shared its name). "It was this great, really ugly, everyman kind of place," Shea says. "Another great thing about Shea Stadium was that the corporate sponsorship was the most no-name brands you have ever heard of. That really made it for me." RIP Shea Stadium T-shirt, $26.86, at sheastadiumrip.com—Maude Standish

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