PrideFest: Done?



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Some of you may have already heard about the drama that Heritage of Pride's annual PrideFest has been ensnared in: After 14 years of bringing us the infamous street fair in the Village—the place for free condoms, funnel cakes and sloppy, postmarch hookups—HOP had planned to move it out of that ghetto and into another one, Chelsea, where it would be infinitely less crowded, more navigable and more steroid-infused, but alas, the city is not having any of it. The Community Assistance Unit of the mayor's office turned down HOP's permit to move the event, and will give a final answer today (still silence as of 4:30pm), according to HOP spokesperson Dennis Spafford. Pretty odd, considering they've gotten letters of support from local businesses and officials, including Tom Duane, Jerry Nadler and Dick Gottfried (not Chris Quinn, interestingly enough). If the final answer is no, Spafford explains, the PrideFest will be canceled, period. It would've been quite a scene, all those gay folks (estimated numbers at past fests have been in the 100,000s) milling about along the Chelsea runway on Saturday (it was to be moved up a day). Maybe if it doesn't happen, then all those folks can swarm on over to Fifth Avenue, to cheer on the fierce feministas of the dyke march! Stay tuned for a final decision on PrideFest...

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