Prop 8 arguments adjourned



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Ken StarrOral arguments (don't you just love that phrase?) concerning the validity of Proposition 8 just ended in chambers of the California Supreme Court and were broadcast live on the California Channel website (with Chief Justice Kennard, no relation to The L Word's Tina, being particularly harsh on the lawyers, though she voted in favor of equal marriage rights). The evil Ken Starr... ...argued in favor of the proposition's validity, as well as for the dissolution of all same-sex marriages that took place before Prop 8 was enacted into law; he did so by sticking to the idea that "the people have an inalienable right to control the constitution through the amendment process" and that "rights are ultimately defined by the people," adding that "you may think this is unfair, and that is a reasonable view." He then noted, happily, "I'm delighted to continue the colloquy for as long as you would allow me to." Thank the goddesses that his time was up.

Tune in in 90 days to see how well he did his job.

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