Recap: Bro'in Out with Leo & Tony at 92YTribeca



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Photograph: Courtesy of 92YTribeca
Photograph: Courtesy of 92YTribeca

I have a theory: If you are a person who is attracted to men, and you are between the ages of 24 and 40, you are probably nursing a huge crush on Paul Rudd. It is likely that this crush is the byproduct of the movie Clueless, in which he played the snarky-but-sweet stepbrother, Josh (even if it was a little creepy that his character fell for his 16-year-old former stepsister), who listened to Radiohead, wore flannel and danced dorkily. Or maybe because he's really funny, as evinced in films like Anchorman, Wet Hot American Summer and I Love You, Man. Or, you know, because he's just really attractive. Whatever.

In any case, the Rudd fans were out in full effect during Bro'in Out with Leo & Tony at 92YTribeca last night. The show, hosted by comedians Leo Allen and Tony Camin, returned after a 15-month hiatus with a packed lineup that included Rudd, "dreamidian" Chris Coby (actually comedian Jon Glaser), Sopranos actor Steve Schirripa and the band Supercute! The setup was super casual—Leo and Tony's sidekick-bartender Jawnee Conroy was on hand to provide drinks for the guests—and after a few minutes of banter, Rudd took the stage. (Sidenote: He is much cuter in person than any celebrity should be. I'm just sayin'.) Leo and Tony asked him about his upcoming projects and why he wasn't in The Hangover ("I auditioned, but they gave the role to Mike Tyson," he quipped) before letting him play a couple of songs on a Casio keyboard. And by "played" we mean "set the songs that are automatically programmed in the keyboard to play while dancing around a little bit." It was awesome.

But Paul Rudd, sadly, could not stay on stage forever. Next, comedian Jon Glaser brought up the character of Chris Coby, a "dreamidian" who turns his elaborate dreams, including one about being a Taco Bell manager named Dave, into awful, hacky jokes. ("Yo quiero Taco Bell? Don't you mean 'Yo quiero diarrhea'?") Then, actor Steve Schirripa (famous for his role as Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos) talked about his time as a comedy booker in Las Vegas, and Creed singer Scott Stapp. (Apparently, he's a jerk.) Finally, the band Supercute!—comprising 15-year-old Rachel Trachtenburg, and her friends Julia and June—played a few songs, including a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Misty Mountain Hop" and a Shaggs-esque tune called "Candy City." And as attractive and funny as Paul Rudd was, he's still not as cool as a bunch of teenage girls covering Led Zeppelin and singing songs about how boys suck and friends rule. (Sistas before mistas!)

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