Relax here: Chill out with Reiki and a cake



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Tonight, a Reiki Master invites you to her Brooklyn apartment for a little Japanese meditation, introductory self-healing workshop, and...cake!

Heather Alexander, who has studied the art of natural self-healing for the past ten years, founded the Brooklyn Classical Reiki Centre (55 Montgomery Pl between Eighth Ave and Prospect Park West, No. 3R, Park Slope, Brooklyn; 917-572-3172, out of her own apartment in September 2009. While a private healing session usually goes for $75 per hour and can be tailored to suit the individual client's needs, tonight's Practice Night (8--10pm, $10) is significantly more casual. In fact, at the end of the session, Alexander encourages students to hang around and chat while enjoying homemade cake (on the menu tonight is banana nutmeg).

Traditional Reiki consists of a healer, or Reiki Master, placing her hands on a person's body to essentially redirect the person's life force energy (known as ki in Japanese) and alleviate both physical and mental illnesses and impurities. The technique can also be performed without a healer, and in tonight's workshop, Alexander will go over self-healing techniques. So, if you like cutting out the middle man (and eating cake), this is the class for you.

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