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New York City Ballet appears to have stopped punishing Miranda Weese for her decision to resign and join Pacific Northwest Ballet—or maybe I'm giving the company too much credit. Suffice it to say, her repertory, all winter season, has not been plentiful (she has barely appeared in any of her Balanchine roles, and this is tragic, especially since she's one of few remaining dancers in the company who actually can get through them). Her final performance was meant to be last night, in Christopher Wheeldon's Klavier; instead, she will grace the choreographer's Evenfall, the program's final ballet, tomorrow night. Performing opposite Seth Orza, a heavenly creature himself, Weese is fittingly the ballet's star. There is one gorgeous, ghostly moment that will always be impossible to forget. She pauses, stage left, in the shadows. She is the only dancer onstage, and she glows.

By the way, I got a new cat the other day. She's a tortoiseshell with longish hair, especially on her paws, which deeply challenges her balance (it's hard for her to look pretty as she stumbles and slips and falls on her face). I've been calling her Mae West, because of her serious come-hither eyes, but my boyfriend calls her New York City Ballet. To even my horror.

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