Shameless self-promotion: The Big Quiz Thing hails to the chiefs



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bqt-logo-cutoutAs you know, TONY is all over the big holiday this weekend, Valentine's Day. And hey—we get an extra day off this year! How about that? An extra day to spend with your snuggle-muffin, or to sit in the bathtub, sobbing softly, while a bottle of Jack Daniel's is nestled firmly in your arm. Love is all you need.

Actually, the workless Monday is about another holiday altogether, Presidents' Day, going especially overlooked this year. But not at my multimedia live trivia game show, The Big Quiz Thing. P-Day is a holy occasion for me; I got into the quizmastering business basically because I needed a way to utilize the presidential factoids swarming through my brain. Still my favorite: William McKinley was the only President between 1869 and 1913 who did not have facial hair; none have had any since. Fascinating

And on this Monday's holiday edition, we're cranking up an old favorite for the video round, "Presidential Limericks." To wit:

Harry Truman had almost no fear
His tough talk was without any peer
There was nothing he shirked
Hence a sign where he worked
Proclaiming that "The BLANK."

Fill in the blank, of course. We got ten Monday night, from Washington to Obama, from James K. Polk to Chester A. Arthur, along with a V-Day-esque audio round, "The Oldest Profession" (take a guess what that's about). Plus, Smart-Ass Points for wrong but funny answers, the Lightning Round, The Not-So-Secret Secret Clue and—best of all—copious prizes, including the $200 grand haul. Monday 15 at the palatial (Le) Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street at Thompson Street, 7:30pm, a mere $7. Hail!

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