Skankus masculinis



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My college offered a women's-studies major. I did not take any course work in this area. (I am listening to Fergie as I write this, in case you needed any convincing.) Perhaps this gap in my education explains why I failed to understand the furor (on the part of some) at the "Skanky or sexy?" game we offered a few weeks ago. We photographed several women on the street and asked users to judge whether their fashion crossed the line of good taste. For this, we were tarred with the misogyny brush.

What was missing, it occurred to us, was a counterbalancing representation of potential male skanks. Many people had the impression that we do not think men can be skanks. That is unfair. We are not male-skank deniers. Thus, we have now added a similar "Skanky or sexy?" game (equally fun, I assure you) of men showing questionable amounts of skin. Some of you may have noticed it this weekend when it was on our home page. The rest of you, please go and enjoy.

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