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What does the Writers Guild strike mean for you, dearest consumer? (Apart from fashionable images of Tina Fey on the picket line.) Last time the WGA struck, in 1988, it meant the rise of such travesties as this. Expect your beloved TV comedies to suffer first. It's serious. As for my beat, the film biz, the impact won’t be felt for months, since movies work far in advance. But that doesn’t mean we’re not worried, especially when juicy quotes like this come along (from The NYT): “ 'Any time you rush movies, you disrupt the rhythm, and I can promise you the result isn’t as good,' said John Davis, a producer of Norbit … and other movies." (Is Mr. Norbit the guy you want talking about “good”?) Let us all hope for a speedy, amicable resolution. In solidarity, we suggest a screening at a nonprofit. Try a 10:30am show of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times—the ultimate cog-in-a-machine satire—this Wednesday at Astoria's Museum of the Moving Image. You’re not going to your job at 30 Rock anyway.

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