Swoon at the Brooklyn Museum: the sequel



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Swoon fans lined up on Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum to get their own screen print designed by the local street-artist success story. Some brought their own materials, others picked from a stack donated by Materials for the Arts. Since the Brooklyn-based artist herself was in India, her studio assistants worked a battery of stations, squeegeeing out hundreds of gossamer patterns onto everything from a map of North America to a pizza box.

It was a diverse crowd, and everyone I spoke to was familiar with Swoon. A young woman from Williamsburg planned on mailing a print to her ex in Australia (break up to make up?). A Westchester mother and daughter stood in line twice to double their booty, admitting it would be fun to walk away from a museum carrying some art (names have been removed to protect the not-so-innocent).

The event marked the kickoff of 1stfans—a $20 membership to the museum that can stand alone or act as an add-on to an existing one—which provides admission to events designed just for this category as well as super-connectedness on the net: As you'd expect, this cool-kids club has a souped-up online presence (these days, even the stodgy Met is posting official YouTube videos). 1stfans is on Facebook and Flickr, but the main attraction is their Twitter feed, which features a monthly artist. The next event's a talk on animal mummies; we're sold....

To register for 1stfans, go to the Brooklyn Museum website.

-Tim Paul

All photographs courtesy Melissa Soltis

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