The buzz at Bitforms gallery



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Despite the bitter temps, the turnout was strong for last Saturday's opening at the tech-minded Bitforms gallery. The new show features artists interested in the unexpected intersections of the mechanical and natural. Englishman Tim Knowles makes drawings by taking walks in the middle of the night. Photographs that appear as a shaky streak of light illuminating bits of rocks and grass are in fact hour-long exposures as the artist carries a very powerful light through the Devon landscape. In another work he wears ridiculous but awesome headgear outfitted with a video camera, GPS and a sail, setting off on five treks from central London, literally going anyway the wind blew.

Knowles admits that he got in a bit of trouble once when he was taken through a fountain in Trafalgar Square. The result are videos and an ink drawing consisting of five spidery lines of his satellite-tracked perambulations. Swiss duo Pe Lang and Zimoun make kinetic sculptures that employ groupings of little motors to evoke sounds from nature, like a waterfall or rain shower. In one, a hanging mass of mechanisms(actually, the things that make cell phones vibrate) bounce off each other, evoking a busy bee colony. Or the buzz of a gallery opening.—Tim Paul

All photographs courtesy Melissa Soltis

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