The girls next door



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It ain't exactly the swallows returning to Capistrano, but after a brief relocation to the New York Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo's California sea lions have returned to their Boogie Down abode in the zoo's Astor Court. As it turns out, the three full-figured ladies--Indy, Cleo and Adrienne--picked up a little somethin' somethin' in Coney Island: a six-year-old stud named Kiani.

But who are these pinniped pinups anyway? At 28, Adrienne is the cougar of the bunch. (She's known for spinning in the water and giving great flipper.) Cleo is the resident Carrie, with the hippy-dippy tude and fine blond hairs to prove it. And little Indy? Her turn-ons include Barney Greengrass's pickled herring in cream sauce and anything shiny (tee-hee).

Wanna get up close and personal with these girls gone wild? Their arrival was kicked off this weekend with family-friendly homecoming that continues on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8. There's a parade, barking contests, crafts, storytelling and live Cali-inspired music.

What, no wet T-shirt contest?

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