The Light Industry at the end of the train tunnel



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Dont' be afraid of a long train ride. Light Industry continues to provide a forum for rarely seen works. Last night's screening of a selection of shorts by structuralist filmmaker Joyce Wieland brought an impressive turnout. A testament to Light Industry's philosophy is its dedication to showing under-recognized artists; Wieland, as a woman in the filmmaking world of the '60s and '70s, was a rare bird. In the last work shown at the screening, A and B in Ontario, which Wieland made with Hollis Frampton in 1984, Wieland and Frampton cavort around Toronto, "shooting" each other la Wild West gunslingers with their film cameras; four different points of view provide a dizzying experience.With Avatar on the screens and the brave-new-world prospect of a 3-D television station in the works, it's fascinating and essential to revisit these roots of filmmaking, when artists were taking a 360-degree view of film's potential.—T.J. Carlin

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