This weekend's five big events, and what to do after



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  • Opens Friday

  • Firday 16 and Saturday 17

  • Saturday 17

  • Sunday 18

  • Saturday 17

Opens Friday

Money in the Banksy
1. Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop
Call him what you will—vandal, visionary, enfant terrible, cloaked genius—but don't forget to count filmmaker among the list of labels that describe British street artist Banksy. His documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, affords us a glimpse into the super-secret world of the after-dark artist. He's still too skittish to give us more than his silhouette, but what a bad-ass silhouette it is! Catch the Sunshine's matinee after brunching it up at new Keith McNally hot spot Pulino's, or check out other

2. GWAR's Crack-a-Thon
Every so often, an event comes along that is simply too cracked-out to miss. This weekend, the grotesquely costumed metal band GWAR takes over Cobble Hill's MF Gallery for a two-day art show that will include a number of off-the-wall appearances from bands like Dethrace and wild child Andrew W.K. Sadly, GWAR won't be performing—they're too busy curating—but 30 prints created by them will be on display. Once you've been visually and acoustically weirded the fuck out, come back down to earth over beers at The Brooklyn Inn, a typically freak-free zone.

LEGO of my... LEGO
3. I LEGO N.Y. book-release party
While you've been busy trying to get your LEGO man's head unstuck from the inside of another LEGO (oh great, now you snapped it off), illustrator Christoph Niemann has been using the infuriating little blocks to whip up witty portraits of New York landmarks and icons. Tip your hat to the outside-the-box LEGO maniac at the launch of his book, I LEGO N.Y., this Saturday from 3 to 4pm at The powerHouse Arena. Once you've unleashed your inner child, indulge in a sugar-fueled feeding frenzy at nearby Almondine Bakery.

Make love in this (yacht) club
4. Yacht Rock at the Bell House
We loved Yacht Rock the minute we realized it parodied the heavily produced, smoothed-out rock bands that ruled Southern California in the late '70s. Tragically, the wacky Web series will air its final episode on Saturday at 7:30pm at The Bell House. Come pour out some Captain Morgan for the series as you sway to a set by '70s smooth-rockers Ambrosia. Postshow, drown your sorrows in a giant steak at nearby Prime Meats.

When life gives you an iceberg, make a martini
5. Cinematic Titanic
What are B movies for if not to be mocked, and then mocked some more? Tonight at Nokia Theatre Times Square, the cast of cult TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunites as Cinematic Titanic to mercilessly tear apart movies that are begging for it. Kick back and relax as these pithy smart-asses say everything you would—if you were witty enough to come up with it. When you're done busting a gut, regain your composure with a few shots at the Russian Vodka Room.

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