Today: Friday, May 11



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If you squint, you can just barely make out my desk.

The mugginess continues today, making me want to rip my skin off and straighten my hair with it. Sorry for the disgusting visual, but I'm not a fan of this swampy mistiness. I already left one hell mouth, you know? Incidentally, in the course of writing this, Clare walked over and said, "Wow, it's really muggy over here!" and I said, "I know, right" and she said, "Yeah!" and I said, "Is it more muggy right here than elsewhere in the office?" and she nodded. Because I'm from the old school of reporting stories, I'm going to make mugginess my beat and take a jaunt around the office to determine whether it's really less moist in another pod. Here I go. ... Okay, I'm back. Sadly, that was inconclusive. I skulked into the Theater pod and said, "Don't mind me, I'm just testing the mugginess," and Adam thought I was saying "bugginess." I wasn't, but I may as well have been considering the giant legged thing I found under my desk yesterday. Maybe I'll regale you with that story next week. It's really good and involves chitin. In the meantime I'm going to encourage you to see The Giraffes, who just finished recording at Rancho de La Luna, tonight. They're playing at the Mercury Lounge and they'll take your mind off the weather and put it on your loins.

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