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Wounded by all the black sheep jokes, this lamb later developed an eating disorder and prescription pill addiction which he wrote about in painstaking detail on his blog

No we are not the cute cuddly animal webring, and no, the Queens zoo doesn't have Knut (the newspaper cutout of which, gifted to me by a coworker and taped to my shelf is currently curling up in an annoying fashion) but they do have two baby lambs, which is redundant. They have two lambs? They have two lamb? They have a small sheep and also another one? Irregardlessably, you might want to take a trip out there to see them before they get big and uncute. And now if you'll excuse me, I must attend to the flattening of paper-Knut. Later? Tinfoil hats!

Should your trip to the zoo leave you hungry, you mad carnivore, why not hit up the newest Whole Foods for your fill of mixed olives and irritating poetry? (I'm kidding! It's hardly poetry!)

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