Today: Tuesday, Aug 21



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And part of why my jeans are sopping

Greetings, waterlogged readers. Enjoying your jeans' wicking action? I sure am. And I don't mean the way they wick rain away from your skin, because they don't, I mean the way a little rain causes the wetness to creep north up the leg. I think I might be talking about capillary action, actually. I could go on but I don't believe in science. Anyway, tonight you'll be headed to Rififi to see Best Week Ever's Michelle Collins, who's so funny that I often watch her on Red Eye, a show I'm also sometimes on, and think to myself, Dammit, I wish I'd thought of that. Now, if you know me you know that's a big compliment, because I'm very very enamored of my own thoughts and ideas and generally prefer hanging out with them in a darkened room to actually mixing with human beings, whom I find to be imperfect and misshapen. Actually, I'm lying. I prefer hanging out in a darkened room with my thoughts and ideas and a nonstop loop of The Hills and Real World Sydney. Not The Hills After Show, though. But back to Michelle. She's hilarious and she's performing tonight at 10pm. She'll be joined by fellow funny people, and I'm not referring to Justin Bobby from The Hills, because from what I've seen, I'm not impressed.

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