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Ishmael Beah

Good early afternoon, my precious cherubs. I'm sorry I wasn't here yesterday to regale you with ribald and rowdy rrrrnews (what's an R word that means news or anecdotes? anyone?). Sorry too that you were subject to oatmeal-loving Dustin. I wish I could say that it was all some Miss Nelson Is Missing! ruse, and that I was writing as Dustin, but no, that was really him. I wish, too, that I was taking a nap in a big pile of leaves, because that is what one does when spring has sprung, along with blindly following hot people of the same or opposite sex, as is your predilection, while holding a note card with a heart on it outstretched or while having your own pupils replaced with hearts or while having your heart throb out of your chest. That last reference is to cartoons, not Anna Nicole, and I read the autopsy and kind of wish I hadn't (not that her heart throbbed out of her chest, but it was slightly enlarged).

But you have turtlenecks to put away and gazpacho to make, so let's just get on with it, shall we? Take a break from taking a break and head tonight at 7pm to the Astor Place Barnes & Noble to hear Ishmael Beah read from his memoir A Long Way Gone, about being a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Of the following, it will be the first three: moving, interesting, educational, light and silly.

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