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Welcome to the daily Time In Watch Out blog. When better to start our regular television picks than on a weekend chock-full of exciting premieres?

FRIDAY 16: Out in the City (7:30pm on Logo) New York City's gay and lesbian history runs deep, and this documentary tours Manhattan in a bus for a crash course on LGBT culture's battles, victories and personalities. Look for celebrity faces such as Cynthia Rowley, Florent Morellet and Council Speaker Christine Quinn, not to mention TONY's own Adam Feldman. Says theater critic Feldman, "No matter what kind of person you are, you're going to be able to find someone like you." See a trailer here.

Also on Friday: The third season of Friday Night Lights (9 pm on NBC) premieres, reminding us just what was so great/awful/hilarious/sweet about high school, while Battlestar Galactica (10pm on Sci Fi) returns for its final ten episodes—hear what Starbuck told us about action figures and the series's end here.

GAME SHOW IN MY HEADSATURDAY 17: Game Show in my Head (8pm on CBS) There are no big premieres on Saturday, so let host Joe Rogan climb inside your fragile mind and order you around. That's what the contestants on this show agree to, anyway, doing Rogan's bidding through an earpiece in an effort to win big bucks. Remember, kids, if the voice in your head sounds like the Fear Factor guy, you're not nuts—you're on a game show. Even if you'd rather just be insane.

Craig Blakenhorn/HBO
Craig Blakenhorn/HBO

SUNDAY 18: Flight of the Conchords (10pm on HBO) From TONY's four-star review: "The show's concept—clueless folk-rock duo from New Zealand tries to make it big in New York, with goofy song interludes!—runs the risk of losing its freshness the second time around. Fear not, Kiwi fanatics: we're happy to report that, despite a slow start, the second season retains the goofy charm and catchy tunes of the first, with some new twists." Read more.

Also on Sunday: Get your Tivo something pretty, because it'll be working extra shifts this evening. Meet a new multifaceted television heroine on the premiere of United States of Tara (10pm on Showtime; read our review), then find out which polygamist is yelling from the rooftops on the return of Big Love (9pm on HBO). Kick off The L Word's final season (9pm on Showtime; see our series overview here), or sex it up with the second season premiere of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (10:30pm on Showtime). Back on the broadcast channels, Desperate Housewives celebrates their 100th episode of catty, uh, cattiness (9pm on ABC), while on the AFC Championships (Steelers vs. Ravens!) you'll find out if Pittsburgh's mayor changed his name for nothing (6pm on CBS).

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