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Prieto Battles Curls

As a curly—and more-than-occasionally frizzy-headed—member of the TONY edit staff, I got to attend the Antonio Prieto Salon last night for its Embrace Your Curls workshop, a three-hour hands-on tutorial for upping your ringlets factor. I came away having learned a couple of lessons: (1) Gel is bad (apparently, it makes your locks "crunchy" and unnatural-looking...but honestly, I really can't promise I'll stop using it), and (2) twisties are good. Give yourself twisties—that's the technical term—if you want your curls to look a little neater and more spiralish. The ever-so-high-tech process consists of twirling your hair like you're playing a ditz, except that you do it over and over and over again, until you've got a whole head of separated corkscrews. Once dry, they really do hold together rather nicely (though to avoid looking like you have fake dreds, make sure to loosen and separate them a bit). I should also add that the stylists—who were knowledgeable and eager to help with specific hair issues—used the astoundingly moisturizing Kerastase products on my tresses, leaving them feeling very soft and not sticky at all. Maybe I should reconsider my lifetime dedication to gel. The salon is hosting a number of other classes (including an upcoming one about how to give yourself some easy up-do styles) if twisties alone don't cut it for you.

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