Watch Out: Practice doesn't make perfect



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115080_288_preTONIGHT: Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice (9pm and 10pm, respectively, on ABC)

If you don't already watch the soapiest "dramas" on television, tonight's crossover episodes probably aren't going to change your mind. The Private Practice crew visits Seattle for a little brain surgery and sexual innuendo (two great tastes that taste great together!), and everyone bonds over tears and tequila. What we really want to see instead is stage-sensations-turned-Practice-stars Audra McDonald and Taye Diggs making an escape with Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson (who appeared in Caroline, or Change) and Sara Ramirez (who rocked Spamalot and won a Tony). They could run off to join the circus. Or, you know, Broadway.

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