Your 1 Thing for Today: Thursday, Mar 1



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Did someone say something about monkeys?

The problem with working in a place that occasionally casts models for various photo shoots is that I get tired of so frequently having to explain I'm here to work, not just to look beautiful, although I'm happy to do that since it comes so naturally. But it's like, hello, can't I just move about the office in peace without people mistaking me for a model and trying to throw clothes on me and take my picture? I understand the confusion, but this is getting ridiculous. I mean, yes, I occasionally languish in odd poses and date decrepit rock stars, but that's where it ends. It's enough to make me need a free drink on TONY, which, if I were you, I could enjoy tonight at Brass Monkey from 6 to 8pm. Go there, won't you? TONY's hosting an open bar tonight and you could be part of an unscientific survey to see whether people like beer or wine better. One free drink (beer or wine) per person! Truly!

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