Your 1 Thing for today: Tuesday, Jan 30



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From the way you hardly laugh at my jokes anymore, one might think that the magic has gone out of our relationship. I would not think that, but one might. But the thing is, I know you like to laugh. I know this because you told me. You told me that your interests are laughing, sunsets and kayaking. Remember when we were kayaking and the sun was setting and I told you a suite of Helen Keller jokes rounded off with two lightbulbs and a dead baby? That was tasteless and I apologize. But I kind of think you overreacted.

Anyway, this is neither the place nor the time for you to try to win back my affections, something it's very clear you're doing right now, the way you're sitting there reading this in your fetching bathrobe. Terry cloth really suits you!

But back to how you like to laugh. Do so at 10pm tonight by going to Burn Baby Burn! at Rififi/Cinema Classics. Go for Brett Gelman and Jon Daly, and stay for the way they're hosting Demetri Martin, MC Chris, Tony Camin, Andrea Rosen and Craig Baldo.

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