Your 1 Thing for Today: Wednesday, Feb 28



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This is you.

You are similar to a short story in that most of what you say is fiction, but you're different than a short story in that a short story ends rather quickly, and you never seem to. I don't mean that as a salute to your indefatigable energy. I mean that like you never shut up, ever, and also, you're long-winded. In short, I don't think that you should win the Story Prize Award. I do think that you should go to the New School tonight to hear Rick Bass, Mary Gordon and George Saunders, who are finalists, read from and discuss their collections. Do it! Do it now. It's at 7:30pm and it's only 14 big ones. The winner will be announced tonight! (I'd live-blog it, but I've discussed the limitations of my computer.)

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