Your 1 Thing for today: Wednesday, Jan 3



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Listen, if you're going to New York, be sure to wear a flower in your bra.

I know, I know. I know already, okay? To you Patti LuPone is just the mom on Life Goes On. But she had a life before fictional motherhood, you know, and the way you are denying her her full range of life experiences hurts me right here, in the ovaries. And when I say me I mean the TONY blog.

Make it up to the divine Miss L by logrolling, somersaulting or wheelbarrowing, should you have a confederate on hand to hold your shins and change your life, down to Joe's Pub tonight to see the hilariously faithful tribute sensation Leslie Kritzer is Patti LuPone at Les Mouches, which is a defunct nightclub but also means something in French and we're pretty sure it's not mussels, because while we don't care for the stinky bivalves, we know how to say them. Anyone? Les Mouches? Enlighten me at, lest I have to Google or actually have a conversation with someone.

So yeah, go to the show. It will be saucy, like you.

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