Your 1 Thing for Today (Weekend Edition!): Friday, Feb 23---Sunday, Feb 25



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Attention, geeks*

Man, you're insatiable. And also kind of childish. When you said that you would hold your breath until I told you what you were doing this weekend, I never thought you'd actually do it. But there you were, all blue and struggling. Not your finest hour, but your devotion to this blog column shant go unnoticed.

Also not unnoticed? The caped crusaders heading to the Javits Center this weekend for the New York Comic Con. I'd say something about geeks* but then my sister would tell me that wasn't nice and then I'd say that I'm saying it in a loving way and that comic-book geeks refer to themselves this way even and then she'd say that while that's good and fine, I can't say it because I'm not one and then I'd roll my eyes because we have had this conversation more times than you know and I'm not even making that up.

I fear I've let you behind the curtain. I'd like to be alone now.

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