Your 1 Thing for today (weekend edition!): Friday, Jan 5---Sunday, Jan 7



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Head to Madison Square Garden for a bunch of bull (riding).

That is so like you. I mean, that is just classic. It's perfect! Such a classic, perfect, typical you move. I couldn't even make it up if I tried. You should really be writing this stuff down! It's priceless. You know what they call that when other people do it? They call it "pulling a you." Like, "Oh, crap, I pulled a you!" You do it best, though.

Oh, don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing! I mean, sure, it sort of has a bad connotation, but when you do it, it's what everyone expects. Like when a puppy has an accident on the floor, you know? Or, like, when a child is running around shrieking and bumping into things and being a nuisance? It's like that! No, I'm not saying you're a child. Okay, you are really having trouble understanding what I'm saying and I can't do this with you right now. Why don't you take the night off? (But wake up early to watch me on channel 4, talking about six to seven 1 Things at 6:45am.)

Tomorrow we'll meet up at the Professional Bull Riders Versus Invitational, which runs Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully you will have done some thinking.

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