Your $30 Saturday: Park Slope



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<p>Union Hall</p>

Union Hall

Put your bargaining skills to the test at the Brooklyn Bike Jumble (free) where you can try negotiating a ride for a price to your liking.  If you can't talk down one of 30-plus vendors selling cheap bikes, just walk through the market and admire the custom models instead. Then continue walking (or ride over) to Union Street where you can quench your thirst at Union Hall. Discover what made the Moscow Mule ($6) popular during the '50s vodka craze as you sip muddled limes, vodka and ginger beer on the rocks—just don't get too crazy with the spirits since you haven't eaten yet.

To remedy that, head on over to Zuzu Ramen for slow-cooked beef curry with noodles and vegetables, or the signature ramen with charshu, egg, bamboo shoots and vegetables in a smoky dashi broth ($14). You'll need a hearty meal that sticks to your bones before you laugh your guts out at the Brooklyn Lyceum's Gentrify Brooklyn ($5), a variety show hosted by improv groups M.A.D. and Sidecar. And if that doesn't put a smile on your face, just think about all you did today for a mere $25 bucks! 

Things to do: 4
Cost: $25

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