Your perfect Christmas Day: Yes, there are things to do!



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drunksantaThere's a little robin redbreast whistling at your window. You can barely make out the tune over the carols in the streets and the shrieks of childish joy, but if you listen closely enough, you'll hear what he's saying: "Get out of bed, it's Your Perfect Christmas Day!"

If you think New York City is the greatest gift of all, there's no reason to stay at home watching It's a Wonderful Life again. The day brings with it a Santa-sized satchel of things to do—those who celebrate can hit up the Harlem Gospel Walking Tour, while those who abstain can enjoy Chinese food and Mel Brooks movies with like-minded souls. You may even have an outside shot at finding a place for a Christmas meal, though we must say you've left it rather late!

If you're looking for an invigorating stroll, go check out one of the city's best holiday trees on its big day. And if Santa brings us a white Christmas, pull out the snowsuit and hit up a sledding hill near you.

And don't think we'd let the day go by without giving you a gift from TONY. The December drink deals keep on rolling, so head over to Chow Bar (230 W 4th St at 10th St, 212-633-2212) to warm up with two-for-one glhwein.

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