Your perfect Friday: Crack-a-Thon, graphic novels and Prison Freaks



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Dethrace at Crack-a-Thon.
Dethrace at Crack-a-Thon.

Your perfect Friday is all for being socially well-adjusted, but sometimes it likes to throw coolness to the wind in favor of mixing it up with freaks, geeks and other social outcasts. Start out at "You Can Do a Graphic Novel," where illustrator Barbara Slate will assure you that your weirdo doodles have best-seller potential (or not). Next, swing by Kevin Geeks Out: April All-Stars, the latest edition of this way-dorky variety show, where tonight's theme is nerdiness.

Counteract all that geeky wholesomeness by hanging with the city's freakiest freaks at MF Gallery's two-day Crack-a-Thon, featuring appearances by guests like Andrew W.K. and Dethrace. Next, things get even weirder as deranged genius Shannon O'Neill unleashes her solo show Prison Freaks at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. By the end of the night, your perfect Friday won't know whether to laugh, cry or just curl up into a freaked-out little ball.

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