Your perfect Friday: Tracy Morgan, sake sampling and homicidal birds



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Pendant from Brooklyn Charm (Photo: Kelly Knapp)
Pendant from Brooklyn Charm (Photo: Kelly Knapp)

Spring fever has struck, and your perfect Friday is primed for some good old interborough gallivanting. Deck yourself out with quirky vintage jewelry at the grand opening of Tracie Howarth's concept store, Brooklyn Charm, and then skip over to Manhattan for a stiff sampling of free sake from Japanese booze shop Sakaya. Once you're sufficiently sauced, catch Tracy Morgan's show at Carolines on Broadway for tales of porno, the ghetto and more porno. Make a last stop at the IFC Center's midnight screening of Birdemic: Shock and Terror, the greatest avian horror flick since The Birds. Surely you'll be ready to sleep soundly after 90 minutes of watching homicidal vultures unleash their wrath, but if not, it's probably just the fever. Your perfect Friday should go home and get some rest.

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