Your perfect Sunday: All-you-can-drink brunch, Ira Glass and the last Truck Stop



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glass_ira14c-smYou wake up sore and hungover, turn over in bed and there's your perfect Sunday looking ugly bugly. You could have sworn you passed out in the arms of your gorgeous Saturday last night, it must have been the beer goggles. But all is not lost, if alcohol worked once it can work again. Head to Lovin' Cup Caf for a $15 all-you-can-drink brunch. See, your perfect Sunday is looking a lot more alluring now.

Take it on a shopping date to the Brooklyn Record Riot and the Jelly NYC vintage and craft market, then impress it with your love of the city at the Only in New York book talk, before rounding out the evening with Ira Glass, or grooving at the last ever Truck Stop event. Just make sure you call your perfect Sunday this week—what kind of a personified listings round-up article do you think your perfect Sunday is?

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