Meet the Undateables: Rin and Chass

These lovelorn New Yorkers swear they’re absolutely undateable. We pair them up to see if they’re right.



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Photographs: Bridget Burns

The date: Shuffleboard at The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (514 Union St between Nevis St and Third Ave, Gowanus, Brooklyn)

First impression
Rin: “Apparently, Chass got lost, so I was waiting for half an hour. I was worried I was getting stood up. When she got there, she was so busy being sorry, it was a little awkward.”
Chass: “Rin looked really artsy—big glasses, Hawaiian print. You’d think that would make her easy to find, but everyone was in Hawaiian print. It was the theme, apparently.”

Rin: “She’s a psychology student, so I was like, Oh, no, 
am I being analyzed? She’s really smart, so it wasn’t 
hard to have a conversation. She has good energy, a very positive vibe.”
Chass: “She seemed like a fun creative type, very artsy. I’m 
in a doctoral program, so I’m looking for somebody 
with similar goals. She’s very different from me, but I didn’t mind it.”

On moving to New York
Rin: “What I like most about her is that she’s really positive about New York. I’m a terrible New Yorker, or a great one, in that I hate New York. But she was really positive about it.” 
Chass: “It turned out that we both moved here from different areas in the United States in the same year, 2008, and went to the same school—NYU—but didn’t know it!”

Rin: "We didn’t exchange numbers. It was like, I’m going to the G, and you’re going to Barclays, so away we go. It didn’t feel insulting to be real about it."
Chass: "We hugged and said goodbye. She was a cool person, but a friend more than anything."

In three words
Rin: Chass is "funny, intelligent and passionate."
Chass: Rin is "artistic, colorful and friendly."

Rin: “It was one of the fastest dates I’ve ever had, less than two hours. I think because we weren’t feeling it, we weren’t willing to put in the effort.”
Chass: “We could hang out, but it’s not like I absolutely have to see this person again. She talked about not wanting to be in New York much longer anyway.”

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