Andrew Mukamal

Kelly Cutrone's fabulous assistant shows off his three best outfits-and we tell you how to get the look.

  • Rick Owens leather motorcycle jacket, Givenchy T-shirt, Comme des Garcons kilt...

  • Mukamal picked up this Givenchy tee on Rue St. Honore in Paris. "Ricardo...

  • These Givenchy Sneaker boots were a recent purchase at Barneys. Says Mukamal,...

  • From left: Faux Chanel ring purchased for $10 at the Hanoi [Vietnam] airport; a...

  • From left: Unengraved Paul Smith signet ring; Goti black onyx ring from...

  • Givenchy leather-sleeved women's turtleneck from Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann...

  • Alexander McQueen printed leggings from Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Mukamal bought this cap for $8 at a Lids store in White Plains' Galleria Mall...

  • "I'm beyond obsessed with Rick Owens heels and wedges," says Mukamal

  • Givenchy "cholo-cut" collared shirt, pleated and cuffed leather shorts, bandage...

  • Alexander McQueen butcher's apron from Barneys

  • Givenchy pleated and cuffed leather shorts

  • Givenchy bandage boots with back zippers

  • Hurricane Andrew T-shirt saved from kindergarten, Phi suede drop-crotch surfer...

  • Givenchy Sneaker boots from Barneys

  • "This is the very shirt I wore to my first day of kindergarten!" says Mukamal...

  • The black raccoon tail hanging from the Givenchy backpack is from Odin

  • "The backpack is my obsession," says Mukamal. "It was wait-listed at Barneys...

  • On the left arm: Herms double-wrap Cape Cod watch; silver ID bracelet engraved...

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Rick Owens leather motorcycle jacket, Givenchy T-shirt, Comme des Garcons kilt...

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Photographs: Jolie Ruben

Andrew Mukamal, 23; assistant to Kelly Cutrone, CEO of People’s Revolution; Midtown East

His style: “Definitely fashion-forward, dark and aggressive. Heavy on black, leather and jewelry that looks like it comes from St. Marks Place but is really wildly expensive. I try and be true to what my heart gravitates toward and don’t really questions why I feel attracted to a certain item or collection. I’m also extremely interested in breaking down the gender codes used in dressing and am always trying to mix traditionally feminine pieces into my wardrobe (dresses, skirts, heels, mesh) while maintaining a strong masculine look. Rick Owens, by showing men in wedges and dresses in his first men’s runway collection for A/W 2009, is pioneering this effort in a similar way that Yves Saint Laurent did for women in the 1970s by introducing the modified and feminine pantsuit. Rick Owens is my idol: I worship him.”

His inspirations: “As long as I can remember I have been obsessed with visually dark characters in film and media. Tim Burton’s characters have played a massive role in shaping my aesthetic: Edward Scissorhands (leather-clad in belts and buckles), Beetlejuice (in his signature black-and-white stripes), Jack Skellington (impossibly thin in his pinstripe suit with elongated coattails and bat tie), to name a few. I’ve also been completely infatuated with the Addams Family since I was very young, and even dressed up like Morticia and Wednesday for Halloween when I was 7 and 8 respectively. I’m currently sporting a very grown-up, teenage/angsty Pugsley Addams look for spring/summer, with shorts, high socks, and, of course, an oversized black-and-white striped T-shirt.”

His signature pieces: “My Herms jewelry (Cape Cod double-wrap watch, collection of black-and-palladium Collier de Chien cuffs, and MEDOR rings). Another signature item would probably be one of my Rick Owens leather jackets, which you can find me wearing most days.”

Favorite local designers: “The majority of my clothing comes from fashion houses based in Paris (Rick Owens, Givenchy, Ann Demeulemeester, Gareth Pugh, Balmain), but I am a huge supporter of several New York accessories designers, like Pamela Love ( and Eddie Borgo ( for their neogothic jewelry, and Gigi Burris ( for her incredible veils.”

Favorite local stores:Barneys’ men’s third floor is my ’hood. One of my friends said that walking around Barneys with me reminds them of the theme song for Cheers, where everybody knows your name. It is the biggest stocker of Givenchy Homme in the U.S.—which is pretty major in my book. Rick Owens’s store on Hudson is another one of my favorite places: I can’t help but feel at home there, surrounded by all that beautifully crafted leather, cashmere, silk and fur. IF Boutique is right around the corner from our office at People’s Revolution, and it’s always packed with some great Undercover, Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela, Rick Owens and Comme Des Garcons pieces. It also has the best Margiela jewelry, sunglasses and accessories. The H&M on Fifth Avenue in the mid-50s is really great, and it’s the only store in Manhattan that caries the men’s designer purple label, which is my secret go-to for some well-designed and super-inexpensive steals. Herms: I’m a strong believer in investing in signature pieces and wearing the fuck out of them. I’m always on top of the newest items arriving at Herms, and since I have a very clear aesthetic, my salespeople there can pretty much assume which cuffs, rings and bags will be next on my must-have list.”

Go-to bargain spot: “I’m always making trips to different Salvation Armys to find awesome vintage pieces. I still visit the Salvation Army in Port Chester [New York], near where I grew up, especially on 50-percent-off Family Wednesdays. I’m also a huge fan of Tokio 7 and INA Designer Consignment.”

On New York style: “It’s extremely eclectic and varies enormously from person to person. Each person tells a unique story about themselves and their history and background. Seeing that I live in Midtown East and travel down to Soho everyday for work, spending most of my nights in Tribeca or on the LES, I’m hypersensitive to the different 'uniforms’ that people throw on before they leave their apartments. I’m always paying attention to the smallest details in a person’s look and love the choices that some people make.”

The best thing about working in the NYC fashion industry: “The people you meet working and the sick parties.”

The worst thing about working in the NYC fashion industry: “The insanely long hours and demanding office environment.”

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