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Murray Hill

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  • Address:

    Astro Gallery of Gems 185 Madison Ave
    Murray Hill
    New York

  • Cross Street:

    at 34th St

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  • Opening hours:

    Mon–Fri 10am–7pm, Sat 10am–6pm, Sun 11am–6pm

  • Transport:

    Subway: 6 to 33rd St

  • Map

    1. Astro Gallery of Gems
      • 185 Madison Ave
        Murray Hill
        New York
      • 212-889-9000
      • 40.747832,-73.98256

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Astro has CLOSED its Madison Ave shop. You might want to check out ROCK STAR CRYSTALS. This is a nearby rock shop with fine minerals and crystals which is open every day. You can call them at 212 675 3065.

Charles D

Dear Astro Gallery of Gems, 

   We are some employees of FAO contacting you to let you know that your AstroKids department is being managed like a circus performance instead of a business. It is literally the most awfully managed vender in the whole store: no one works, no one helps customers, no one cleans, no one stocks or organizes, everyone stays on their phones, your manager is never at work, and when she is, sticks a smartphone earbud in her ear and spends the whole shift talking on the phone while ignoring customers, doing no work whatsoever, and having friends over to have a little mini-party on the side away from the camera where you can’t see them. One can only assume she is salaried and does not have to worry about actually showing up to work. 

     Plus, your employees usually don't wear their black uniforms. Your whole store is falling apart, every part of the store is dirty and filthy, there are roaches, and nothing is ever dusted. Some of your products have been on the shelves so long they are falling apart and look like they are being sold at a garage sale. 

     To put things in perspective, AstroKids is run in the complete opposite way as your main competitor: Evolution. That section at FAO is run in a 100% professional way. The store is spotless, every product is in good shape, and the manager, Agnish, is the hardest working and most professional manager we have ever seen, the complete opposite of the manager of AstroKids. Agnish is always running back and forth, stocking, helping customers, making sure not a single product leaves her store, never ever has a phone on her or wastes time, she is always doing something constructive, be it filling out forms, inputting data, stocking, cleaning, selling, or what-have-you. Always on time, always actually showing up to work and not leaving early or coming late or taking long breaks over and over during the shift, etc. 

     And you wonder why AstroKids is doing bad? Your same team sunk your business at Toys R Us, and now they are doing the same at FAO. We employees at FAO want to keep FAO in business so we can have jobs for a long time, but it takes all the vendors as a team to work in a professional manner to make this happen. 


     Concerned Employees of FAO.