Elliot Aronow

The suit-loving Web-show host models his best looks; we show you how to get the look.



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  • Aronow bought this hound's-tooth jacket from Freeman's Sporting Club (8...

  • "These are some really beat-up Allen Edmonds I got from Eleven; I think they...

  • Aronow found these Oliver Peoples sunglasses on Essex Street one night. "They...

  • This Lark and Wolff coat is part of Steven Alan's line for Urban Outfitters. "I...

  • A knit Polo Rugby tie adds an unexpected twist to typical suiting

  • This bespoke suit from Brooklyn Tailors was the first three-piece suit Aronow...

  • "Truth be told I almost never wear this, but it's a really rare Tootal scarf...

  • "You can really beat it up and treat it badly and it looks better the more you...

  • These loafers were another score from an A.P.C. sample sale. "They were murder...

  • "I like wearing madras out of season, so it's a pretty well-worn piece," Aronow...

  • This two-piece, two-button light wool suit is yet another bespoke creation by...

  • "These dress shoes are Rachel Comey, from her sample sale," says Aronow. "I...










Aronow bought this hound's-tooth jacket from Freeman's Sporting Club (8...

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Photographs: Danielle Parhizkaran

Elliot Aronow, 29; host-producer of Our Show with Elliot Aronow (itsourshow.com), and creative director and cofounder of RCRD LBL (rcrdlbl.com); LES/Chinatown

His personal style: “Bryan Ferry meets Nation of Ulysses meets French mod meets tweedy British dude. I host a live TV show at Santos Party House, so I like letting our guests and audience members know we respect their time. I think wearing a nice suit helps to convey that. My general rule is it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, even if you are just going out to see some crusty punk band.”

His inspirations: “I grew up on punk rock and started dressing like a mod when I was 18, so I guess the idea of dressing better than your perceived 'superiors’ was a big one for me—especially after looking like a skate rat for so many years. Also credit where credit is due: the homies Theophilus London, Das Racist, Mark Ronson and Dave from Chromeo are always looking crazy flavor and dropping serious looks.”

Favorite stores: “Eleven is always a choice spot for vintage shoes. If you want to get shoes that make you look like you are Pete Libertines in a cool way, this is your store. In terms of having tasteful, handsome menswear, Odin is by far the most focused and well-stocked spot in the city. I drop by a few times a week just to see what’s cooking. Uniqlo is still the best spot in the city for a decent $20 oxford! I used to get a lot of my basics there before Brooklyn Tailors started making all of my shirts. They need to step up their game with the patterned socks though.”

His signature pieces: “I wear my corduroy suit from Brooklyn Tailors a lot. I also have a really dope Nirvana 'In Utero’ shirt that’s from Spencer Gifts circa ’94—but that doesn’t get as much play these days.”

Favorite designers: “Danny Lewis at Brooklyn Tailors (brooklyntailors.net). He makes all of my suits and we sort of collaborate on the details. We’ll listen to some records and he’ll tell me how we can flip certain things to give each suit its own character. His sartorial vocabulary is astounding and he’s always getting fresh new fabrics that nobody else has. I don’t really buy stuff off the rack anymore because I’m so satisfied with his work and believe it’s important to support the scene. First thing I do when I get a paycheck is drop him a line.”

How he describes New York style: “Trying to look richer or poorer than you really are.”

How his style has evolved through the years: “I’ve always been really into clothes, even when I was a li’l shorty who needed the illest dinosaur shirts to wear to summer camp. More recently, I’ve started to have all of my clothes made by Brooklyn Tailors; I’m spoiled now, since it’s always been a struggle to find cool stuff that fits well and isn’t all Prada’d out. On a more philosophical level, I’m rebelling against the whole sartorial infantilization of the American male—I think us young people could make a lot more money if we stepped up our looks. But that’s just me.”

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