Apartment success stories

It happens-these intrepid souls bought, sold and rented their way to NYC real-estate bliss.



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  • Photographs: Lizz Kuehl

Photographs: Lizz Kuehl

$1,700 duplex near Central Park!
“At the end of my fourth year in Astoria, they wanted to raise my rent to $1,825; when I first moved there it was $1,400. So I thought I should be able to find something in Manhattan under $2,000. I saw so many apartments that were just horrendous. I also have a huge bedroom set, so every time I visited apartments, I was like, 'Next, next, next.’ This apartment, I saw online on Craigslist —it’s a one-bedroom with two floors, a living room with exposed brick and a faux fireplace, and one and a half bathrooms, all for $1,700! It’s on 75th between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues. But it looked very cluttered, and it needed a lot of work—I’m thinking that’s why so many people passed. Downstairs, I painted the walls lavender, [which is] so cozy. There’s nobody walking above me, it’s fabulous—I could sleep all day. The upstairs, [which is at] ground level, has beautiful exposed brick and a fireplace. And the kitchen has a dishwasher. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an old dishwasher! The kitchen does still need work, but I do little things, like putting in a breakfast bar. My apartment is an amazing space, and only three blocks from Central Park.”—Neysa Alsina, attorney for financial services company, Upper West Side

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