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Sam DeFranceschi (Core Group NYC; 646-331-8534, corenyc.com) does himself a lot of favors by including a hunky headshot in his Craigslist ads, but beyond the superficial, he was transparent, knowledgeable and not pushy in the least.

Cobble Hill
Jean Sardo (Smith Hanten Real Estate; 718-834-0300, smithhanten.com) has a deep knowledge of the nabe (having lived there for 23 years), and was refreshingly honest about the quality of the landlords in the buildings he showed us.

Cobble Hill/Park Slope
Pedro Pachano (Realty Collective; 718-834-1440, realtycollective.com) reminded us that his fee (and the rent) were negotiable, and was up front about the shortcomings of what we were seeing. Plus, as a designer, he understands how space can best be used.

Dumbo/Brooklyn Heights
Candice Vilaire (Brooklyn Heights Real Estate; 917-405-7342, brooklynheightsrealestate.com) was eager to make conversation, and really listened to what we were looking for.

Financial District
Zachary Uzupis (Christie Property Group; 215-208-0140, zachary@christiepropertygroup.com) has a nonthreatening, nonsalesperson approach, which makes the apartment-hunting process much more enjoyable.

Fort Greene
Anthony Crews (Crewstown Realty; 718-643-8100, crewstownrealty.com) has lived in the area for 11 years, which might explain why he was so calm and comfortable with the listings.

Lower East Side
Tony Wilson (Citi Habitats; 212-253-2525, citi-habitats.com) was on time and enthusiastic. He knew the area well.

Adrian Johansson (Habitatman NYC; 917-860-9795, habitatmannyc.com) is a born-and-bred New Yorker: He was straight to the point and consistently followed up to see if we wanted to move forward and to tell us what else he had available.

Morgan Turkewitz (Citi Habitats; 212-400-1300, citi-habitats.com) was totally fun to scope apartments with: She was helpful, straightforward and seems truly invested in getting her clients the perfect place.

West Village
Sara Lebow (City Connections; 212-994-3204, ccrny.com) was pleasant and not overly aggressive.

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John S
John S

The Real Estate Deals are in Ellenville, NY quite sleepy town

Katherine B
Katherine B

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vinny batyr
vinny batyr

The results are in, and there are more positive reviews, acknowledgements and achievements by one very experienced Real Estate Broker. That is, in the Middle Village,NY area, it is hands down, one outstanding person, Jim Turano/Broker of *Diverse Real Estate. Congrats Vinny


Middle Village,NY-Feb.3,2014* There are all kinds of people in this World and each one is different. Whether you are a customer, an agent, or a Broker of a Realtor. Most Brokers of Real Estates, drink their coffee in the morning, play with their calculator to see how many deals their agents are selling. Out of the picture in many ways. Never visible to the public or community. However, there are but a few, just like owners of a fine Restaurant, who is right on the scene. Greeting you, making sure everything is okay,etc.. The majority of Real Estate Brokers sit back, let their agents appraise a home, at whatever price, as long as they come back with a six month exclusive to sell. And in addition throw the listing on MLS. *Reason, whether the Brokers agents sell the home or some other agent from another company sells it, that is all that really matters. No personal service, no hands on Broker, just another deal in the hopper. The old fashioned hands on Broker, one who is an expert at appraising from years of experience, is all but gone. Lastly, most Brokers do not live in the community they do business in. Their goals is keep hiring more agents, collect more exclusives, and make more deals. Some agents have the experience after 20-30 years in the business, but the rest go out dressed up to get a hose listing, and couldn't appraise a home correctly if their lives depended on it. So, if the Homeowner dictates to them what they want in their hands after the sale, that agent does not want to cause any problem, as long as they attain the exclusive contract. UNPROFESSIONAL TO SAY THE LEAST! I agree totally with the review that there are a few Top ranked Brokers out there. But just a few! Before I purchased my home, I met plenty of want to be sales agents that did not know what they were doing. But when I met the right one, he took me through the process from beginning to end, and I was very satisfied. Happy to even say, so satisfied I became a sales agent and now work for him. Thank you, Jim Turano, Broker of Diverse Real Estate.


Queens,NY.-Middle Village,NY 11379 There is a very experienced 35 year Real Estate Broker, who has a back ground on Google & Linkedin that is full of information to appease any one resident, in the Community, including Owners, Buyers alike. He warrants the mention. A Community minded resident, who gives back to his Community threefold for Decades. He is an ICON, and a respectful businessman who many consider a 'Top Ranked Real Estate Broker in Queens, New York. JIM TURANO/BROKER*DIVERSE REAL ESTATE* 75-34 METROPOLITAN AVENUE, MIDDLE VILLAGE, NEW YORK 11379.


Absolutely not agree! Adrian Johansson is Mr. No! He says no to everything unless you are a multimillionaire. He only wants to treat with rich peolpe. There's nobody more arrogant, brainless, superficial, cubbish and ill-mannered than him. He didn't even want to lose his time with me because my budget to rent in NY is 2,800 dlls at month! He also dared to say that maybe I want to live like an immigrant! OMG!


I've always used FindMyBuilding com they are a great firm, they have hundreds of exclusive buildings !