Gastro getaways: Sign up NOW for Salt Water Farm's Maine Event



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Scenes from last year's Maine Event. Who needs a bikini? (Photo: Courtesy of Tom Mylan)
A scene from last year's Maine Event. (Photo: Courtesy of Tom Mylan)

Food nerds with big budgets, listen up. There are still a few slots available for the ultimate gastro getaway—Salt Water Farm's Maine Event, August 12--15.

A partnership among the Maine ranch, Tom Mylan and Brent Young (the Meat Hook), and the gang at the Roebling Tea Room, this multiday excursion features all manner of hands-on, back-to-the-land activities: pig butchering, oyster shucking, cheese making, foraging and more. The cost (couples $2,700, individuals $1,500) includes meals, classes, lodging—and unlimited ogling of blood-splattered, cleaver-wielding butchers. (What, you forgot about sexy butchers?) Secure your spot here.

If you're not sure an eight-hour trek to the Maine coast is in the cards for you, consider these other foodie vacations, all unfolding on New York soil.

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