Javelin serenades the Red Hook waterfront


This morning, Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford—who together make up the cartoonish art-pop duo Javelin—got in the car outside of Langford's Park Slope apartment and drove out to the Red Hook waterfront. They unloaded their band's unusual equipment: a synthetic percussion pad, a microphone and 11 battered, painted boom boxes, which the two cousins proceeded to stack atop one another. As in their stage show, Van Buskirk and Langford used the boom boxes as a rough PA system, broadcasting their music through a short-range FM transmitter, in this case powered through the car. Their backs to the water, the two performed "Radio," which appears on Javelin's new debut album, No Ms—the summer record New York has been waiting for. (Javelin plays Santos Party House Thursday April 22.)