The three-minute Flipcam concert: Adam Green (part deux)

Adam Green lives on the East Side of Manhattan, his apartment bursting at the seams with colorful sculptures of his own making. His papier-mch depictions of cartoon characters are hilarious or poignant, depending on one's perspective. They are, in fact, a lot like Green's music. A monstrously underrated songwriter, the former Moldy Peaches singer is one of the few working artists to grasp a central tenet of Leonard Cohen: Sometimes, for a song to be emotionally resonant, it need not make any sense. This week, Fat Possum releases Green's sixth solo album, Minor Love. Below are two of its songs, performed by the musician in his living room: an a cappella "Cigarette Burns Forever" and "Give Them a Token." After the jump, Green—who plays Bowery Ballroom April 23 and April 24—talks about his album and sculptures. (Click here for the singer's previously posted TONY performance, "Castles and Tassels.")