Jennifer Damiano, currently starring in Next to Normal



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“I took pictures of my journey from my house to the theater and of my view in my apartment. But then I took one of Red Mango and one of Kodama Sushi, because we eat at both of those places in between shows on the weekends all the time. And then I took a picture of our Starbucks, because everyone when they’re at their theater has their Starbucks, and ours is the Marriott one.”

“There’s pictures of me and my roommate Meghann [Fahy], who’s also my understudy in the show. We were both going to move into the city for the first time, and our parents didn’t want us moving in if we didn’t have a roommate, so we thought, Why don’t we just live together? We were in D.C. together with the show and we’re really good friends, and it’s so great. There’s no stress at all.”

“That’s me signing in at the theater on the call sheet. We all have to initial when we get there, and then when they call half hour they look at the sheet and if someone hasn’t initialed, they assume they’re not there, because you don’t really catch everyone before they go upstairs. It’s just a formality. It’s kind of absurd too; like, if someone they know is there hasn’t signed in, they have to come all the way down and sign in. [Laughs]”

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